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According to guidelines released by the Eye Surgery Education Council ESEC, fewer than 1% of patients who have received LASIK to date have experienced serious, vision-threatening problems. Most LASIK complications can be treated and usually resolve within several months of surgery.
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Take Our LASIK Self-Test. Feel free to take our LASIK self-test below to start the process of determining your candidacy. Ultimately, you will need to evaluated by one of our top Omaha LASIK experts before we can determine your exact candidacy.
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Sign up today for one of our complimentary seminars to find out whether youre a candidate for LASIK. LASIK is just one area of our expertise, and part of a comprehensive vision care program designed to preserve healthy eyesight and prevent blindness.
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Corrected for an estimated vertex distance of 12 mm, the historical estimation of the central corneal power of the left eye following LASIK would be carried out as follows.: If the Ks before LASIK were 45.25 D / 46.12 D.,
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Z-LASIK is a unique way to create LASIK flaps with smooth stromal beds and consistent precision. LASIK flaps created with the FEMTO LDV have no tissue bridges and thus are easy to open. The low energy laser produces minimal tissue reactions.
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Bladeless treatments are a great alternative for patients who previously were unable to get LASIK due to thin corneas or dry eyes. Due to the significant safety of bladeless LASIK over traditional bladed procedures, Clear Advantage only offers LASIK, Advanced LASIK and Customized LASIK treatments using bladeless flap creation.
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It is also referred to as custom LASIK or wave front LASIK, is similar to conventional LASIK, except that in addition to treating a patients basic refractive error, specific distortion in a patients eye high order aberrations can also be treated.
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How To Decide If LASIK Is Right For You How Young Is Too Young For LASIK? LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery: What To Expect How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Usually Cost? View all LASIK articles on WebMD Connect to Care.
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LASIK typically takes about 20 minutes to perform per eye and both eyes are usually treated during the same session. LASIK is associated with minimal to mild discomfort while it is being performed. When the topical anesthesia wears off, however, the level of discomfort increases.
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While LASIK has an excellent safety profile, LASIK complications can occur. These include infection and night glare from starbursts or halos appearing around lights. A small percentage of people will need a LASIK enhancement, or touch" up" procedure, a few months after the primary LASIK surgery to achieve acceptable visual acuity.
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FDA studies suggest that about 95% of patients who have had LASIK are happy with their vision after surgery. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, 90% of LASIK patients see their vision improve to somewhere between 20/20 and 20/40.
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Home Ophthalmology Procedures LASIK. Our LASIK Suite, housed within The Eye and Vision Center at Glenbrook Hospital, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing our trained surgeons to perform laser treatment to fix refractive errors while providing patient services including pre-operative testing, complimentary consultations and postoperative follow-ups.

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