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Camouflage definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
Camouflage consists of things such as leaves, branches, or brown and green paint, which are used to make it difficult for an enemy to see military forces and equipment. They were dressed in camouflage. American English: camouflage / kæmfl /.
Military camouflage Wikipedia.
Ship camouflage developed via conspicuous dazzle camouflage schemes during WWI, but since the development of radar, ship camouflage has received less attention. Aircraft, especially in World War II, were often countershaded: painted with different schemes above and below, to camouflage them against the ground and sky respectively.
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Look up a word, learn it forever. To camouflage is to disguise, and a camouflage is that which disguises like the leaf-colored and patterned uniforms worn by soldiers who want to blend in with their natural surroundings. Camouflage evolved from the French camoufler, which was slang for to disguise.
Camouflage Definition of Camouflage by Merriam-Webster.
to practice camouflage. Definition of camouflage Entry 3 of 3.: made in colors or patterns typical of camouflage a camouflage jacket. Other Words from camouflage Synonyms Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about camouflage. Keep scrolling for more. Other Words from camouflage.
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Borrowed from French camouflage, from camoufler to veil, disguise, alteration due to camouflet smoke blown in one's' face of Italian camuffare to muffle the head, from ca from Italian capo head muffare to muffle, from Medieval Latin muffula, muffla muff.
CAMOUFLAGE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
something that is meant to hide something, or behaviour that is intended to hide the truth.: Using smoke as a camouflage, the army advanced up the hill. He believed that her kindness was merely a camouflage for her real intentions.
Camouflage Wikipedia.
In the Second World War, the zoologist Hugh Cott, a protégé of Kerr, worked to persuade the British army to use more effective camouflage methods, including countershading, but, like Kerr and Thayer in the First World War, with limited success.

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