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apparel Dictionary Definition:
It wasnt until the next century that people began to use apparel as both a verb meaning to attire and as a noun meaning garments or clothing. Said 17th century British writer Thomas Fuller, Apparel shapes: but it's' money that finishes the man.
APPAREL meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
From the Cambridge English Corpus. Robotics and apparel industries cooperate in developing apparel robots. From the Cambridge English Corpus. The colours themselves were an affront to custom; in contrast, powerful political and economic interests sought to maintain a status quo in apparel.
apparel Wiktionary.
1871, Travis Twiss, Black Book of the Admiralty And if there is need of any thing, such as ship's' apparel or other necessaries, and the merchants desire to purchase them, they may do so, and when the voyage is concluded, the merchants may claim for themselves the things which they have bought for the ship or vessel.
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Apparel Definition of Apparel by Merriam-Webster.
English to refer to clothing that is being sold in stores a new line of women's' apparel athletic apparel. 2: the equipment such as sails and rigging of a ship. 3: something that clothes or adorns the bright apparel of spring.

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